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Wedding Rings

Your love is unique; your story is one of a kind. ​Remarkable Moments by Liz​ ​will create a heartfelt ceremony which reflects your intimate, meaningful expression of love, whether this is your first wedding, a renewal of vows, or a new partnership.

I want to help you to create a bespoke ceremony that symbolises the union of your heart, your soul and your love in front of your loving, supportive family and friends. It is all about you from beginning to end, a true reflection of you and your love. ​I will work with you to personalise your ceremony, advising you on the wording of vows, the choice of readings and I will also write your ‘Love Story’, which will illuminate your love and commitment to each other. I can also advise on the addition of ceremony enhancements, such as a hand-fasting or sand ceremony.

As an independent wedding celebrant in Ireland, I ​do not ​perform the legal signing of the marriage contract, this will be done at your civil ceremony, see the link below. Having your ‘celebration’ ceremony conducted separately, will allow you to have the ceremony your heart desires, in the location of your choosing, be it a beach, hilltop or indoor venue. You will be free to choose the words, vows and wedding enhancements, unique to your ‘Big Day’, making it one to truly remember.

​Your love story, your ceremony, uniquely yours!

As we move forward into a ‘post Covid’ world, I think the way we celebrate significant occasions has changed.  Celebration is more about quality than quantity, because we have found meaning in ‘less is more’.  We have looked outside our traditional views and see the beauty in simplicity, nature and true family connections. 


Creating your own unique wedding day is all about ‘you’, your vision, your ideas and your love.  I can help tie all those elements together to create your ‘perfect’ ceremony.

Below is a link to the HSE website which will explain all of the legal aspects of your wedding.

If you need any help please don't hesitate to contact me.


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