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Creating a Ceremony

From your first contact, you will be at the heart of your ceremony. Through the art of listening, I, the celebrant, will guide you through a process; where you are the centrepiece to an evolving story; with you as the two main characters, on a journey to find out what makes you special, to each other and the assembled loved ones.

Over a few consultations where I spend time getting to know you and teasing out the uniqueness of your relationship, a picture begins to emerge of what makes you strong, of what has grown from a seed into a flower of love. Interlacing all these elements together, your non-religious ceremony will be hand-crafted, uniquely reflecting your love.

Poems, prose, ritual, (such as hand-fasting or a sand ceremony) and storytelling weave together to illuminate your love for each other and to allow your family and friends to witness your journey from single individuals to a married couple on your wedding day.

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