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Vow Renewal

There are many reasons why couples choose vow renewal ceremonies. Perhaps it is a milestone anniversary, a birthday or a celebration of something new. It could also be to mark the end of a rough or challenging patch in their lives that they have made it through and which has given them restored faith in their union.

Often a partner will surprise their spouse with a vow renewal ceremony, meticulously planning it in secret with a celebrant like me. These are such joyous and romantic occasions to witness, it is one thing for young, idealistic partners to commit but quite another to see two people who have weathered life’s journey together re-affirm their love and passion for one another. They do this knowing each other inside-out and it often brings them back to the feelings they had on their wedding day, giving them a new sense of purpose and togetherness.


Whether you decide to surprise your life’s partner or both of you are involved in the planning, I can help create a ceremony which reflects the depth of love and commitment you want to show when renewing your vows.

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